With Civil Aviation growing worldwide with a predicted growth to 5,9 billion passenger by 2030, one of the Biggest Challenges for the industry will to ensure enough qualified and well trained staff are available to support this growth. 

     EACT can be your Partner in building, developing and upgrading your training capabilities. We can offer a variety of services in the field of Civil Aviation Training that will support your organization in preparing, developing and maintaining the qualifications of your workforce to meet the challenges of the future. Our services include the following:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Assistance in Development of Training Academies 
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Training Development
  • Training Marketing and Management 
  • Training Delivery

Training Needs Analysis

     A TNA provides information on the training and skills development requirements of all members of your organization. It is one of the key steps in preparing a training plan that will enable you to:

  • Identify the gap between current and required levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude 
  • Identify what the general content of training should be 
  • Form the foundation of a training plan 
  • Provide a baseline for the evaluation of a training plan 
  • Ensure that appropriate and relevant training is delivered
  • Maximise use of scarce resources 

Assistance in Development of Training Academies  

     We have a team of experts that can advise and consult you in your plan to build of upgrade your training academy. This can be either an in-house training academy of an academy on national, regional or international level. Subjects where we can provide expertise include:

  • Location choice, 
  • Construction and lay- out, 
  • Equipment and simulators.
  • Staffing, Recruitment and Management 
  • (Sub)Contracting of essential services
  • Attracting and recruiting instructors and trainers. 

Train the Trainer Programs

     Developing the skills of you team of trainers 

Training Development

     Setting standards to your course developers in order to have standardized training programs

Training Marketing and Management 

     Setting up a strong management team and equipping your organization with proper tools and systems to operate at the highest quality levels

Training Delivery

     Together with our partners, we can offer a wide range of training courses in many areas of Civil Aviation. The topics we have training courses available are:

  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Regulatory 
  • Aviation Security
  • Cargo and Dangerous Goods
  • Aerodromes
  • Aircraft Certification and Maintenance
  • Leadership and Management
  • Aviation English