Euro Aviation Consulting Team provides the comprehensive support to the Governments and Civil Aviation Authorities. With the extensive experience our experts have in organizational and operational sides of CAA activities, we are able to provide expertise on responsible civil aviation bodies’ organizational structure, staff recruitment process, training policies, manual and procedures implementation and the preparation to number of missions, audits and standardization visits carried out by various international organizations. Should you need to start from the scratch or re-structure you CAA or should you just want to polish the edges by ensuring free of gap implementation of the internal policies and procedures, Euro Aviation Consulting Team will be flexible to provide support just where it’s needed. 

     The following areas of CAA’s activities are included into our expert practice:

  • National aviation strategy and policy
  • Aviation Safety
  • Aviation Security
  • Personnel Licensing
  • Training
  • Regulatory Tools

     We also are ready to support your organization during negotiation events providing preparation studies and external analysis.

     Working on extremely evolving environment of modern civil aviation requires state institutions to be ready to respond those challenges and Euro Aviation Consulting Team is always there to help you.