Euro Aviation Consulting Team provides different services to airport authorities and airport operators that include strategic planning, financial assessment, business process, marketing, safety operation and aviation security advisory services. 

Strategic Planning 

     We help develop short, medium and long-range strategic plans that include vision, objectives and strategies (programs, projects) of development of a particular airport. And we can develop an airport master plan as well.

Financial Assessment

     We do airport activity forecasts in passengers and aircraft operations, develop operating budgets that include current and expected expenses and revenues, set up the collection process for new revenue sources, and develop capital expenditure programs and financial plans.

Business Process

     We analyze the airport’s main business processes like accounting, budgeting, contacting, purchasing, capital approval, etc. and recommend improvements. 


     We develop comprehensive marketing plans for airports.

Safety operation

     As passenger numbers and aircraft operations grow in the world, there is a need to increase airport's throughput and safety. We can provide expert advice on maintaining high safety standards that comply with airports demands, environment and business goals. 

Aviation Security 

     We help develop basic aviation security procedures for airport operator that comprise screening of passengers, cabin baggage and hold baggage, airport security (access control, surveillance), aircraft security checks and searches, screening of cargo and mail, screening of airport supplies, staff recruitment and training. As well, we can develop airport security program.