Euro Aviation Consulting Team offers consulting and advisory services to customers in Air Navigation Services (ANS) domain. Our experts have experience in development and implementation of advanced ANS technologies, airspace design, ANS regulations and procedures, training courses, as well as safety, security and others management systems. Our comprehensive project solution ensures the integrity of the delivery and manages the project from planning to post implementation phase. Our solutions are addressed to all relevant stakeholders’ interests including impact and safety assessment that excludes operational problems during implementation of ANS-related projects.

Airspace and Procedure Design 

    This type of consulting services means a proper planning and design of routes, holding patterns, airspace structure and ATC sectorisation in both terminal and en-route airspace. Our experts are ready to provide customers with rulemaking support needed for implementation of new procedures with ICAO Doc 8168 (PANS-OPS), Doc 4444 (PANS-ATM)  and also strictly follow others documents containing standards, recommendations and best practises applicable for airspace and procedure  design

Advanced air navigation services technologies

     Euro Aviation Consulting Team performs GAP-analyses in a holistic manner to provide customers with a balanced approach to the implementation of new technologies or changes in ANS. Our approach ensures that all the various aspects of air traffic management, aeronautical information services, meteorological services and system infrastructure are analysed for their optimisation potential and possible inefficiencies. The GAP-analyses also includes delay analyses, analyses of compliance with international standards as well as customer orientation. Euro Aviation Consulting Team offers a number of services related to engineering, procurement and operation of equipment for purposes of communication, navigation and surveillance. 

Safety engineering, management and planning

Euro Aviation Consulting Team experts have considerable experience in regulation, management and operations. We can help our customers to:

  • improve corporate safety culture;
  • establish safety oversight system at state level; 
  • support safety oversight system by number of procedures based on process approach;
  • develop and implement State Safety Program in accordance with ICAO standards;
  • establish safety management system including its integration with other management systems available or planned to be implemented at the level of organisation;
  • develop and implement in local environment procedures to support implementation of safety management system or integrated management system in accordance with ICAO standards;
  • implement risk assessment methods and procedures;
  • conduct safety assessment of ANS changes before their implementation;
  • assess organisational safety culture;
  • develop and implement a number of training courses in the field of safety oversight, management, auditing, accident and incident investigation, risk assessment etc. 

Safety Audits

     Safety auditing is a core safety management activity, providing a means of identifying potential problems before they have an impact on safety.

     Safety audit means a systematic and independent examination conducted by Euro Aviation Consulting Team to determine whether complete safety-related arrangements or elements thereof, related to processes and their results, products or services, comply with required safety-related arrangements and whether they are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve expected results. The organisation’s management or the regulator may decide to carry out an independent safety audit. ICAO Doc 9859 specifies that: “External audits of the SMS may be conducted by relevant authorities responsible for acceptance of the service provider’s SMS. Additionally, audits may be conducted by industry associations or other third parties selected by the service provider. These external audits enhance the internal audit system as well as provide independent oversight.”

     Euro Aviation Consulting Team offers different types of safety audits oriented on customers’ needs. It includes audits of safety management system and relevant processes / procedures, audits of specific areas of activities, audits to define compliance against international safety related standards, regulations, requirements etc. 

Airport CDM

     Airport Collaborative Decision Making

     Most airport-related operational improvement initiatives are oriented towards improving performance of an individual partner at an airport. Airport CDM is about partners working together and making decisions based on more accurate and higher quality information, where every bit of information has the exact same meaning for every partner involved. More efficient use of resources, and improved event punctuality as well as predictability are the target results. Put simply "It ensures that the right partners get the right information at the right time".

     Implementation of CDM allows each CDM Partner to optimise their decisions in collaboration with other CDM Partners, knowing their preferences and constraints and the actual and predicted situation.

     The decision making by the CDM Partners is facilitated by the sharing of accurate and timely information and by adapted procedures, mechanisms and tools.

  • Main benefits:
  • Improve predictability;
  • Improve on-time performance;
  • Reduce ground movement costs;
  • Optimise/enhance use of ground handling resources;
  • Optimise/enhance use of stands, gates and terminals;
  • Optimise the use of the airport infrastructure and reduce congestion;
  • Reduce ATFM slot wastage;
  • Flexible predeparture planning;
  • Reduce apron and taxiway congestion.

     Euro Aviation Consulting Team  experts can provide full technical support for the Airport CDM Implementation process based on the four main steps:

  • Information Phase;
  • Analysis Phase;
  • Implementation Phase;
  • Operational Evaluation Phase.