Euro Aviation Consulting Team is an international consultant for CAA's, ANSP’s, airlines, airports and related industries. With our highly qualified core aviation consultants, we can cover both the market potential for growth in airline, airport, ANSP development and air transport consultancy, as well as to bring strategic aviation expertise.

European Aviation Consulting Team offers a breadth of aviation-related knowledge and air transport skills, from aviation strategy, aircraft acquisition, fleet operation and financial modelling to airline route development, implementing airport terminal design, pavement engineering, etc.

Our aviation consultants have deep understanding of the aviation industry from all air transport viewpoints that enables us to ensure that aviation projects are delivered to the highest standard of quality. 

Our experience with various clients and suppliers of aviation services and equipment allows us to make forecasts and give advice based on the actual situation and development trends of the air transportation market.

Our experience covers a wide range of consultancies’ from regulatory bodies to industry.

We advise both individuals and companies on various requirements they need to comply with of the state civil aviation agencies. Given all of the individual client's wishes we choose the best solution.

In an ever-changing aviation market facing growing pressure and constraints in terms of safety, security or environmental concerns, European Aviation Consulting Team is on a strong expertise to take up tomorrow’s challenges and to support operational, technological, regulatory and organisational evolutions. European Aviation Consulting Team is always looking to increase the safety and efficiency of operations as well as their compliance with aviation standards and best practices.